About the sale of the house

Reformations / renovation

You should not be scared of reforming your house. We offer the best and most trusted professionals capable of performing any work for you. If you like, we can take charge of the reformation so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Acquisition of a property free of charges?

The question is often raised of how to buy a property free of charges. We advise on the procedure for signing the deeds in front of a notary and the details of any charges that may encumber a property.In the case that the seller has a mortgage on the property, a representative of the bank will attend the signing in front of the notary to cancel it, so that this charge is settled at the same time and the buyer will obtain a property free of charges. On the same day the notary will ask for a Land Registry certificate from the Property Register in which other possible charges, that the property in question may have, are listed.

Should I let the buyer’s appraiser enter the house?

Some clients wish to request a mortgage to finance their purchase. In order to receive it, the bank will appoint an appraiser to value the property and in order to do so access to the house wil be needed. This is normal procedure and there is no reason not to let the appraiser into your house as it is necessary so that the purchaser can receive the mortgage.

Is it necessary to contact a lawyer?

If you make the purchase through our agency you will not need a lawyer as we conduct the whole operation through a trusted agency. This way you save the costs of a lawyer. Although if you still want a lawyer, you are free to use one to keep track of the sales transaction.

However, if the sale is done through another agency whose professionalism and commitment does not inspire confidence we strongly recommend that you hire a lawyer.

The problem of purchases between “friends and individuals” are often underestimated. Please hire a lawyer for a private sale. This way you avoid surprises!

Other bank valuations

We are often asked if a valuation carried out by another bank or institution will be accepted for a mortgage application: in short the answer is “No”. Each bank prefers to use the valuation of their trusted appraiser. Also, the valuation must be recent. Meaning a valuation done a few months ago will not be valid.

As a foreigner, do need a national identity number? (NIE)

Yes, it is strictly necessary to have a Spanish national identity number if you wish to buy a property as a foreigner and sign a sales contract in front of a notary.

Foreign bank cheques

Sometimes customers ask if a purchase can be paid by a cheque drawn on their foreign bank. The answer is no.

Neither the Spanish notary nor, most probably, the seller will accept a cheque drawn on a foreign bank. However, you can pay a foreign cheque into your own account in Spain.

By what means of payment can the purchase price be paid?

The first payment of €3000 can be paid in cash or by credit card. The second payment is normally transferred into the account of the seller or into our client account. The rest of the amount will be paid when signing in front of the notary by guaranteed bank cheque from a Spanish entity. The cheque can be requested from your bank the same day, assuming it has previously been requested to make sure there is enough money in the account. It is also possible to pay by bank transfer to the seller’s account, which would save on banker expenses.


What’s life like on the Costa Blanca?


It is not surprising that first time buyers are especially concerned with security aspects. It is incomprehensible for those of us who live here, as our area does not have much crime. There are occasional cases of burglaries. Most other countries or cities are much more dangerous. You can check for yourself, walking through our streets at night you will see women with handbags walking by themselves.


Most people who live here are from outside, there are many foreigners and people from Madrid, Bilbao or Valencia. It is very easy to meet people. Many are looking for a new circle of friends.

Schools and Children

Spanish society is very family centric. Expatriate children soon aquire the language at school, and there is a huge variety of activities and passtimes for them. See also the “Surrounding Area” section.

British Food

There are many places where we can buy typical British food. “Iceland” in Benissa and Javea is a great place to start, there is also a “Quicksave” in the port of Javea. There are also some great English restaurants such as “Monroe’s Carvery” in Moraira and Pedreguer where you can have a Sunday Carvery with all the trimmings!

Free Time

The range of leisure activities is so broad it is easier to say what there isn’t, although even then almost nothing comes to mind. There are plenty of sports activities, theatres, fiestas, all types of clubs. It is best to read the local British news paper to get a better first impression.

Do you have to know Spanish?

Yes and no!

You can live fabulously without knowing a word of Spanish.

The truth is we know lots of people who have lived here happily for many years without having learnt Spanish.

However, if you live in Spain it would be nice to speak at least a little bit of Spanish. This way you will not have to seek help when needing to solve something, also this way you will have the opportunity to make Spanish friends.

Accessibility (+ boats)

Boats come and go from Dénia to Ibiza, Mallorca and Formentera. There is also a train to Alicante. The nearest airports are Alicante or Valencia both at a distance of approximately 100km. There are also buses to Gandia, Valencia and the surrounding towns.

Questions for us

Why do owners leave?

The main reason why owners sell their property here is grandchildren. Grandparents quite often want to live nearer to their grandchildren. Another reason that some to return to their country of origin is a chronic illness or lack of medical insurance.

Why Dénia?

Many clients have asked us why we have established in Dénia. After searching a long time we found  on balance, it to be the ideal place for us. (See details of our search in the “Surrounding Area” section.

Are you happy in Denia?


Today, we do not regret our decision!

Dénia is and always will be the best option!

We must always be faithful to this because, what part of the world is perfect? There is something we don’t like everywhere, it happens even at home… However, we think there is scarcely a place in the world that has as many positive aspects.

We’re convinced!

Directions and tips


On the Costa Blanca there are an infinite number of hotels and restaurants. Some are not easy to find so we will name a few:  


La Seu: this exceptional Bistro is found at the end of the Calle Loreto in Dénia. Tip: stay on the ground floor. Tel. 96 642 4478

Ticino Due: a luxuriously decorated pizzeria, situated in the yellow building on the Calle Joan Fuster, towards the car park. Tel. 96 642 6880.

Primera Linea: an alternative restaurant situated on Dénia beach KM 1.5 behind the Les Bassetes Park. Tel. 96 578 8612.

El Gallego: a Galician roast. Especially in winter it is like being in a ski cabin. The meat is always excellent. It is situated just in front of the Paidos School. Tel. 96 578 5348.

Zensa:in the new Marina (the new Nautical Club Dénia) during the summer months there is a lovely bar with a pool, large palm trees and sun beds. It is situated in the last building, on the roof. The entrance is not easy to see and you will have to walk up some stairs to get to the top.

Other places:

Marsena: this restaurant is guaranteed to serve good food and has good service. It is found on the Jávea road in the direction of Benitachell. After the roundabout, approximately 200 metres on the left. Tel. 96 579 3764.

Le Dauphin: this restaurant is located on the “El Portet” beach, in Moraira. It can only be reached on foot along the beach. From the terrace there are spectacular views towards the cove covering Calpe and in winter they also open at midday, so we recommend you go there on a sunny winters day. Tel. 96 649 0432.

Vall de Cavall: a restaurant in an equestrian centre with romantic views across the valley. It is best to make a reservation and if it is a good day it is best outside. How to find: on the Gata de Gorgos national road towards Teulada, after the “La Barraca” shop turn left and follow the signs. Tel. 96 505 8475.

Coll de Rates: : in good weather it is worth a trip out to this restaurant. It is located just above the summit of Parcent. There you can enjoy German food and excellent views. Tel. 96 644 5604


As most hotels have a website we will give you the links to their pages. However, we will only indicate the hotels that we also like:

Marriott,a very cosy and elegant hotel directly beside the La Sella golf course (between Dénia and Jávea). www.lasellagolfresort.com

Posada del Mar, an elegant city hotel in the heart of Dénia, in front of the fishing port. www.laposadadelmar.com

El Raset, a young hotel, new, with a direct price-quality relation, also located in the centre, in the fishing port. www.hotelelraset.com

MR Hotel, a relatively new hotel in a pretty outside area in one of the best residential areas of Las Rotas. It is approximately 2 Km from the centre of the city. www.hotellesrotes.com

Rosa, almost on the Las Marinas beach at KM 1. It is an old hotel but with a family charm. The rooms are simple but fully equipped. www.hotelrosadenia.com

Noruega, found approximately 7 Km outside Denia, towards Els Poblets, directly on the beach. www.nogueramarhotel.com

Chamarel, this hotel was born in the old city palace just outside the old town. A hotel that combines old with new. www.hotelchamarel.com

El Rodat, located in Javea on the Tosalet urbanisation. It is a romantic hotel with every comfort. www.elrodat.com

Places of interest

Col de Rate, (also see restaurants) as well as being a restaurant the road to get there is very romantic. From up there you can enjoy panoramic views of the mountains and sea.

Cap San Antonio, located between Dénia and Jávea. From up there you can enjoy views of the Javea Bay. There are also some good hiking trails.

Granadella, a small and idyllic cove in Javea.

New Marina this is the new marina in Dénia where you can find many bars and restaurants. If you do not know Dénia it is not easy to find. You can get there by car on the Calle Mar de la Sorts or the continuation of the Camí d’Aranda.

Benidolieg Caves limestone caves. They are well lit and easy to get around.

Waterfalls at Callosa d´Ensarriá: (Fuentes de Algar) they are spectacular especially in good weather. You can also swim in them. What many people don’t know is that if you swim up river you can reach the source through steep canyons. A real adventure in nature!

Hiking up the Montgó: the Montgó is a mountain which stands between Dénia and Jávea. It offers a lot to see; among others there is a cave at the top which contains water. Parts of the path are well marked but there are many others which are only recommended for experienced hikers. You can reach the top where the “Crueta” (little cross) is.

Fontilles, Benimaurell: a pretty route with good views; we recommend a trip to Benimaurell through Fontilles (an existing leper colony). If you cross Benimaurell you will find a gastronomic hotel (best to reserve a table). On the outskirts of the hotel you will find deep ravines. www.hotelalahuar.com

Ali Baba Beach bar (Chiringuito): this beach bar only opens in summer. It is located on the sand dune beaches of Oliva Nova in the direction of Oliva. It is difficult to find but the trek is worth it. The best way to get there is as follows: once you arrive at the Oliva Nova (gold club) round about exit to the left and continue straight on until you see a sign indicating to the right. From here to the beach and then left again. You will recognise it by the Easter Island statues.

Medical Assistance

Doctors / Hospitals

Despite some comments to the contrary, Spain has a many good doctors. Medical care is generally as good as or better that in the majority of other European countries. There are also many excellent doctors native to northern Europe which enables them to offer there services in your own language. Doctors work conscientiously and dedicate as much time as necessary to all patients.

Medical Insurance

We recommend that our clients take out an additional private medical insurance, especially if they want to be here most of the year. It is advisable to take out insurance whilst you are in good health as once an illness is contracted it is extremely difficult to get insurance. Costs vary depending on the cover and the insurance company. They can start from approximately €60 – €150 a month. Naturally there are also much more expensive insurances. The most important thing is to have insurance. We often see owners forced to sell their house in Spain because of chronic illness, as their insurance company in their country of origin refuses to cover medical and hospital costs in Spain. It is also possible to contribute to the Valencian health system, however this is a complex procedure that we would to advise you on. This has the advantage that pre-existing conditions are also covered.

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